Incentive Slovakia


Are you thinking of events or experiences?
Welcome to the event section of Via Harmonia, the experience agency. The agency where we believe that a good event must be a unique and unforgettable experience. Therefore we carefully select that most attractive places and see to every detail in order to prepare experiences for our clients which will etch themselves in their memories forever as pleasant reminders connected with a unique brand, the brand of a company whose name speaks to what it offers.
In the language of wine lovers, we have prepared a “Cuvée experience” of Bratislava and the Small Carpathians region for you and your clients, a mixture of harmoniously tuned experiences which gratify all the senses. We will honour your clients as our own guests. With the guidance of the agency’s owner and a local wine lover they will experience tastings of Slovakia’s best wines at the National Wine Salon, at a historic mill or in the beautiful environment of a family mountain wine estate, interactive demonstrations of traditional crafts, period music, Slovak evening, regional culinary specialties, a short course in the sommelier’s art and other unforgettable events according to your selection.
Your Event team of Via Harmonia